Welcome my new FRIENDS!

Hi guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my website! I'm so excited you are here !

I am a firm believer that there are no such things as strangers. Simply friends I haven't met. To me, it is truly a blessing that I get to work with an artform that forces me to meet people. If you are thinking about working with me.. just know that I plan on building a relationship with you...not just a portfolio.

I'm a small town girl that is blessed to live in BEAUTIFUL Minden, Nevada. It's the cutest little town right outside of the Lake Tahoe Basin. My husband and I started a family here 7 years ago and are so grateful for where we are.

If I'm not taking pictures of people, you can find out in the middle of nowhere. I love getting out on trails and exploring the wild with my little family and good friends. I love to TRAVEL and am obsessed with history. Give me a combination of all things above and my HEART is on FIRE!

I LOVE music of any kind. I currently serve as a worship leader for Hilltop Community church in Carson City. Jesus was my first love and music was my second. I guess I'm living the life I've always dreamed :)

I love summer and the beach! Warm sunrises and cool sunsets are the best. I love girl nights and family celebrations. I can plow down sweet potato fries and basically eat pizza every day of my life. There is nothing a beautiful day at Tahoe can't fix. I hate hate HATTTEEEE mustard and onions. A LOT. I I have an INCREDIBLE fear of heights. And lastly. I really really dislike being COLD. I would rather be HOT than COLD any day of my life!

I love meeting new people and sharing awesome adventures and stories. I guess I just love people in general and love that photography allows me to meet people I wouldn't be able to otherwise.

Again, I'm so grateful you are here and I cannot wait to hear all about you and create some memories with you!

Later Loves,


Photo Cred: Olive Avenue Photography